BellyDance Aerobics

Bellydance Aerobics is a revolutionary relatively new fusion of dance and exercise, suitable for women of any age, size or background.

Historically, belly dancing originated in ancient times as a way for women to develop strong stomach and hip musculature to help with child birth - so it's brilliant for bottoms, waists and hips. Bellydance Aerobics combines this muscle strengthening with aerobics for a unique type of workout and it's more interesting than your average 'up down up down' Lycra pumping exercise class.

There is also a special "squeeze & isolation" section to target pelvic floor muscles and literally squeeze everything back into place. This mixture of ancient and modern exercise is great for all women who want to retain or regain a grip on themselves internally as well as externally. Strengthening and controlling these muscles can also enhance your sex life by intensifying sensation and sensitivity.


Classes include a warm up, aerobics, belly dance, co ordination, isolation, muscular strength & endurance, core strength, balance and stretching. Beginners learn simple, low impact moves and patterns which become more refined over time. Alternatives to these moves are given to more advanced dancers. That way it is possible to have drop in classes at all levels of fitness and dance ability. The music is a fusion of house/club/dance with Turkish and Middle Eastern  melodies and instruments.


Traditional Belly dancing is a fantastic form of exercise, physically and mentally. Not only does your body have a complete work out, but an incredible feeling of femininity and well being follows. However, this intricate form of dance takes a great deal of time to learn. Bellydance Aerobics combines familiar aerobic routines with belly dance moves to create a dynamic workout. This modern method provides all the benefits of traditional belly dance, but itís quicker and easier to learn and most of all Ė itís fun!"


Itís a fast track way to learn basic bellydance moves. As well as short pieces of choreography, participants learn a vocabulary of moves which are called out to create spontaneous choreography too.


Although gentlemen are welcome, Bellydance Aerobics is more appealing to women. It encourages a Ďtroupeí spirit, along with an uplifting feeling of femininity and energy.



Classes are mixed level. There are variations and alternative movements to suit everyone in the same class and should you wish to train in the classical art of bellydance, I can recommend expert teachers who teach a wide variety of styles.

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